My top 3 rules for charity shop shopping!

Hi There!

Welcome to my first blogpost on my new website!  I've been working on this site for a little while now. I wanted to create an online space where I can share my styling portfolio & blog about life as a stylist in Dublin, so here it is! 
I'm hoping to update it twice a week with lots of outfit posts, behind the scenes, inspo posts and other similar ideas.

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So for my first post I'm gonna go back to my shopping roots. I've ALWAYS loved charity shops however with the rise of 'vintage' and the fall of people buying great quality clothing, my beloved charity shops took a serious hit over the last few years. However, recently I've noticed the quality of charity shops is returning. I think , in part , this is due to people having money and being able to donate great quality pieces again. 
The blazer that I'm wearing here is from a charity shop in Phibsborough. Since EVERYONE and their mother had a check blazer on Instagram, I obviously craved a slice of this trendy pie - so when I spotted this style for only  €10 I was V. happy .  I think it's a style that will go with loads in my wardrobe and features cute suede elbow patches which is a little detail that I don't think I'd find in a high street version. 
Anyhow, I'm going to share some tips I have for charity shop shoppin' below, and if you use them and find yourself something nice, let me know on insta @unaoboyle ! 

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Here's my top 3 rules for nabbin a charity shop bargain... 
1. It's all about location. 
OK , let's get real here. Fancy towns = fancy charity shops. So the closer you are to wealthy women , or men , who donate their threads the closer you are to finding gems. Places such as Ranelagh , Dundrum & Camden St are hotbeds of gorgeous clothes recently donated. I would suggest heading in on a Monday morning early to find the best bits ( most people donate on a Saturday, so you're more likely to get the good stuff early the next week ) 

2. Keep your fabric natural. 
Natural fabric such as silk  , cotton, 100% wool & leather never really age. It's sometimes tough to wade through a sea of pollyester primark blouses, but trust me, stick to this rule and you'll be walking away with some gorgeous clothes that will wash well & hopefully not date. 

3. Create a shopping list & stick to it. 
This is one tip I stick to religiously. Every season there are a number of items that I covet on the highstreet that I know are available in better quality and for much less in charity shops. 
At the moment I want :
1. A full length black wool coat
2. Some silk blouses
3 . Nude / Camel knitwear
So on my next Charity shop adventure, I'm going to stick to my list and I can GUARANTEE that by the end of the afternoon I'll have nabbed at least one. 

I hope these tips get you out charity shoppin' 
Thanks to Shane O'Connor Photography for the pics x 

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Jeans: ASOS Farleigh SHOP HERE
Tee: Pull & Bear via ASOS SHOP HERE
Coat : New Look SHOP HERE 
Blazer : Charity Shop
Bag : Vintage
Shades & Earrings : Penneys / Primark