This is a story of a girl and her hayfever....

The story of me & my hayfever goes back a long time. I'm talking over 20 years. It all began during a school sports day. Things were going great until my eyes started to swell shut and I couldn't stop sneezing  - and so began my lifelong love/ hate relationship with the Summer. 


For non hayfever sufferers the Summer is a FAB-ULOUS time. It's all BBQ's out the back , festivals in fields, cute picnics in the park. For those of us who are hayfever ridden , the previous sentence does nothing but cause stress and anxiety. So much grass - so many flowers.
WHY must everything fun be outdoors during the Summer?! 
I made the very foolish mistake last year of trying to attend Bloom Festival in the Phoenix Park. 
I did everything right. Took my anti histamine tablets , used my eye drops and tried not to get too close to the pretty gardens. I still ended up in the medical tent with my burning eyes streaming, begging them to give me something to help ( they gave me Vaseline to put up my nose. This did nothing but give me weirdly glossy nostrils. ) 


So when I was invited to an event in the Westbury for the launch of Nasacort to the 'over the counter ' market I was intrigued , but ultimately thought that the product would no match for my relentless sneezing. 
The event was fab and we enjoyed learning about pollin with Dr Jean Emberlin and did some V. glam flower arranging with Appassionata flowers. 
As the product being launched was medical, we couldn't be gifted it but after hearing about all the sneeze free possibilities I had to go straight to a pharmacy and pick a bottle up. 

The reason I didn't write the blog post sooner is because I wanted to try a full bottle before giving my opinion. Full disclosure, I have been exercising 3 times a week since March and  I have heard that regular exercise can ease the symptoms - however, this Summer ( which has been one of the hottest I can remember and also one of the most pollen ridden !) I have had ZERO horrible days with runny eyes and nose. Zero. I can't confirm 100% that it's down to the Nasacort as I'm not a doctor, however I think it's a combination of regular exercise and this magical nasal spray. 




I don't want to give any false hope to people who are really suffering with Hayfever as I'm sure everybody is different and reacts differently to medicine etc , what I can do is point you towards this product and say give this a go , from one runny nosed gal to another. 

You can shop it here. 

Now go run free in as many fields as you like - sniff ALL the flowers and enjoy the rest of your Summer!